No School for me! Yipe! Actually, my parents alarm clock never went off,
so everyone was gonna be late, and if we were late again we would have a
detention, and that is not going to happen to me..never.

The Mets won game 3! 30 push ups for them in gymnastics! ha! But they lost
game 4, and they have 2 win tonight or they loose the series! I know you
guys can do it! Piazza! I luv you! Hit a Homer....again!

Im going to get some ideas for content soon, cause I know that there
is absoulty nothing to do here..heh. I have to go empty the damn dishwasher,
I hate that.

__________Nicole [Emptying Dishwasher..ugh]


Well, the Mets lost last night. It was a good game tho, Piazza hit a
homer! I told you he would!! Tomarrow is game 3, and they play at Shea
stadium, they are gonna win! In gymnastics, we bet 30 push-ups that the
Mets would win. And if the Yanks win we have to do them!! Even the Teacher,
cause shes a met fan!! C'mon..please win!

Anyway, New Layout! Actually, just a new theme. I really didn't feel like making
a whole new layout and taking weeks and weeks to get it ready. Blah.

__________Nicole [Off Galavanting]


Whoa. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy. Im going
to make a new layout soon, but I really want to be hosted. So bad.

Im watching the World Series Game right now, and its 10:56. Im about to fall
asleep. Im rooting for the Mets! Go Mets! The Score is 5-0 yanks at the top
of the eighth I believe. The Yanks won game one last night, and are going
to win game 2. The Mets just aren't paying attention. They aren't concentrating.
If you watch the plays, they prove that the Mets are just out of it.
Thank God the next game is tuesday, it will give them time to practice,
and get back that great Met's spirit!

__________Nicole [sleeping]


"...don't fall away, and leave me to myself..."

Welcome to Simply! New layout..I worked very hard..I started 2 days ago,
and sat here for about 6 hours finishing it. I hope you enjoy it. I know
I do, because It's so beautiful. As I was finishing this..a song came on mtv,
and I thought it was really good, and it meant alot to me, so its now the
theme of this layout. I really like this layout, because I learned how to
make these graphics..using Microsoft Paint! lol.

Anyway, theres alot to do here, and I will be adding more content later on,
I am just very tired 2night, I just got home from a party..and I worked on this
for 6 hours...talk about being tired, I wont be able to wake up 2morrow!


__________Nicole [hyper and bored!]